Printer Settings

General guidelines

 (for Windows 8, see further below)

The alignment of the web pages tends to work better when using Internet Explorer.

To ensure that, when you print question or answer pages, the photos and narrative don't overflow into the next page, click on 'View' at the top of your internet browser page & make sure that the text size is  'medium'.

We also suggest the following page setup (These are the default print settings on most computers):-

 (to get to page setup, click on 'File' in the top left hand corner, then select 'Page Setup'.)

Paper Size:  A4

Header (one line of anything - this can just be the page no.)

Footer: (one line of anything)

Orientation:  Portrait

ALL Margins:  19.05 millimeters  

Before printing, select 'FILE', 'PRINT PREVIEW'.  It may then be necessary to adjust the print compression to obtain the correct lineup of the pages). Try either 'shrink to fit', 95%, 90% or 85% compression, as this can vary from computer to computer.

Additional notes for Windows 8

Once you have opened up the question or answer page on the web, click on 'Page Tools' icon.

Then select 'View on Desktop'.

Once the new window opens, click on the 'Tools/Print' icon at the top, right hand corner.

Then select 'Print View'. Make sure 'Shrink to Fit' is the default setting at the top of the screen. Then if, when scrolling through the Clues To Go pages, any of these overlap to the next page, click on the 'Page Setup' icon.

Now adjust the 'Top Margin', 'Bottom Margin' settings and re-test the print preview until the pages align up o.k.

In the worse-case scenerio, you may need to print the pages individually after adjusting the 'Bottom Margin' size for each.