Using a Clues To Go route on your mobile device

You now have the option to either print hardcopies of the question and answer pages or download these to your mobile device. You can of course do both if you wish.

The mobile version is a web page that allows you to type in the answers on your phone or tablet.

VERY IMPORTANT: The answers you write on the question page are not permanently saved. Therefore when using the question page on your mobile device, take care not to open up another web page on the same tab, as you will lose the answers you have written on the question page.

You should use the 'open new tab' facility when opening the answers page. An alternative is to print a hardcopy of the answers before setting out on the route and seal it in an envelope to take with you.

Oh, and make sure your phone or tablet is fully charged!

If there are several participants going to be using their own mobile devices on the route, then copy and paste the Question Page address and user name / password and send it to their device.




For more detailed guidelines on using Clues To Go routes, click here.