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Printer Settings. For guidelines on ensuring correct alignment when you print either the question or answer pages, click here.

A version of the questions page, specially formatted for use on your mobile device, is also included in your order.

Drives are tours of parts of Britain that are of particular natural beauty and usually also include features of historic interest. They involve stops at various places along the way in order to solve some of the puzzles, but most don't require much walking. If they do, then this is spelt out in the route's introduction.

You will need to have with you a standard road map of the area covered.

 The Driving routes  are compiled in such a way as to avoid the necessity to be looking for answers to clues whilst using busy, 'A' class roads. However, you are reminded that the driver of the vehicle should not be taking part whilst on the move. There are always sections in the route which require you to park the car and explore a village or town. The driver can then join in. The drives should not be seen as a 'rally'. There are no prizes to be won by accomplishing the route at speed.

If you are organising an 'event' on the public highway that involves more than 12 vehicles then you require authorisation, which can be obtained from the Royal Automobile Club, Competition Authorisation Office. The link below provides good advice on this.

Here at Clues To Go we provide the question & answer sheets only - we cannot help you with legal advice etc. if you are organising an event.

Walks are routes through cities and towns. These are  generally a one  mile tour of an interesting historical area and are not too demanding, physically. It is not necessary to have a street map. 

It is recommended that if you are using a Clues To Go route for an event, then you do a 'dry run' yourself, before the event, to ensure that none of the features refered to have recently been removed.

Notes on using the Question Papers

The length of the route, approximate time needed to be taken and some general information is included at the start of each paper. Also included is a sketch map for the majority of the routes. For drives, you will also need to take a road map with you.

The main body consists of a series of questions, riddles and photo identification questions. A space is provided to write down your answers. It also shows the points you can award yourself (1 to 5) for each correct answer. The harder the question is, the more points awarded. (for an example, click here)

Also included within the questions are some instructions regarding directions to take and when to move on from an area.

The answers to the questions do not usually require any specialist knowledge of the region. All the answers are there to be observed, if you are looking in the right direction. However, an occasional question or two may not be so obvious and may require some general knowledge or your powers of deduction.

To answer the questions, it is not on any occasion necessary to trespass on private property. All solutions can be arrived at from observations from public rights of way. Also, the answers are not to be found in private grounds or homes, so it is not necessary to go peering into people's gardens or windows. Please respect people's privacy.

Ordering the Question & Answers pages.

We will e-mail the route's question & answer pages to you usually the same day. If you don't receive this within 24 hours, please chase us up through (e-mail communications are not infallible).

The question & answer pages will be sent to you in the form of an e-mail, with three web page addresses attached (two versions of the questions page, to either print or use on a mobile device, a third containing the answers), together with a password to access these. The answers page includes photographs of all the locations of the answers, with explanations where necessary.

You are welcome to print as many hardcopies of the question pages as you require. Also print a hardcopy of the answers page.  These web pages can also be downloaded to your Iphone, smartphone or tablet, if required.

You are advised that the web page password will only work for 30 days after you receive it. After that period you will no longer be able to log on to the web pages.

If you have any problems opening the web pages after receiving them, or cannot print them, please contact Clues to Go at

The questions & answers can also be forwarded to you in hardcopy form, (with the answers sealed in a separate envelope from the questions). There is a small additional charge for this.


Please note that, although every effort is made to ensure that the questions on Clues To Go routes relate to features that are expected to be around for at least the next ten years, it is always possible that the feature or building may have changed or been destroyed and this is beyond our control. We do routinely re-check the routes so as to avoid this happening.

You are welcome to print off as many copies of the question sheets as you require. However, the reproduction of the answer sheets is restricted. These should not be duplicated en-mass. Nor should the web page you receive access to be copied and/or published on the world wide web (note the expiry period). Legal action will be taken if the answers are re-produced on the world wide web or re-produced in publications without the author's permission.


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